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Why Choose Grindless POS?

Grindless is a robust point of sale and software suite designed for a variety of industries. Our software also handles multiple-store organizations. Providing tools to help manage, monitor, and develop multiple stores with the click of a button.
Of course, Grindless handles all the basics that you’d expect from any regular POS such as product management, inventory control, and sales reports, but it doesn’t stop there. Our software is designed to be “assistant-grade”, meaning it is designed to help run your business unlike anything else out there. It’s like having an entire staff overseeing your business 24 hours a day.
Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals while providing you the ability to live a better professional life. As our name indicates, our goal is to ease the grind of day-to-day operations and help you grind less!

Compatible With

Use hardware such as Cash Drawers, Printers, & Scanners

Key Features

Powerful and Versatile

Online Shop

Allow your customers to browse your store's inventory and check-out online. Orders appear in the system and can be shipped or picked up in-store.

Loyalty Rewards

Give your customers reward points for spending money at your store. Customers can later redeem points for products or special perks.

Graphics TV

Upload images (like pricing menus or advertisements) and have them appear automatically on digital displays around your store.

Gift Cards

Sell your own Gift Cards that customers can buy and reload. We can also help you produce custom branded Gift Cards too!

Granular User Permissions

Setup your own roles and define what each employee can and can't do in the system.

Warehouse Distribution

Fulfill orders for merchandise and supplies to your other locations.

Time-Based Services

Sell your customers blocks of time to use, then allow them to "check-in" to use that time.

Inventory Control

Keep track of how much inventory you have, what's on-order, and make counting routines easy.

Task Checklists

Give your staff members recurring tasks that have to completed each day, week, or month and monitor completion.

Recurring Memberships

Create memberships that automatically bill a customer's card on file and create unique perks and discounts for your members

Shift Planner

Create your work schedule and send it to each employee's phone & email. Run staffing reports for payroll.

Events & Reservations

Schedule events,create admission tickets, track attendance, and more. Great for businesses that offer birthday parties.

Powered by Amazon Web Services

Our software is hosted on Amazon's AWS cloud-based services, which means you can rest assured that the system will run smoothly and reliably with minimal downtime.

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POS System

$ 149
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Terminals
  • Online Access
  • Multi-Store Discount Available

Multi-Store & Franchise Capable!

Do you operate more than one store or a chain of stores across the country? Our system has built-in tools to help you manage and control your locations as well as monitor, communicate, and issue assignments both remotely and on-site.

Want To Learn More?

drop us a line and we'll show you around

Want To Learn More?

drop us a line and we'll show you around

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Grindless is a cloud-based point of sale software for small to medium sized businesses to facilitate in-person transactions in retail environments. A subscription to the software provides access to a downloadable Windows or iOS executable which acts as a terminal to remotely connect to our server in order to facilitate general usage of the Grindless POS System. These executables are intended to be used with each physical location operated by the client. Subscription also includes the ability to access the system from any modern internet-connected device through a web browser for remote and off-site connectivity.

To inquire about subscription, use the contact form located on this website and one of our staff will respond to answer your questions and provide demonstrations of how the software operates.

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