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PriceCharting’s renowned pricing data combined with the versatility of the Grindless Point of Sale is a match made in heaven. With up-to-date info, you’ll always be in tune with market prices for cards, games, and hardware.

We’ve formed an exclusive partnership in order to offer an assortment of features not available anywhere else.

Native API Support • Inventory Tools • Pricing Formulas

Market Value For Trade-Ins

Staying competitive means offering accurate prices for items traded in by your customers. Leveraging a reputable data source gives confidence to your customers, letting them know they got a fair deal for their trade.

Since 2007, PriceCharting has been a reliable and trustworthy source for current and historical pricing data for tens-of-thousands of items.

Video Games & Systems From Retro to Modern

Daily Data Updates

Prices sync from PriceCharting’s central servers automatically every day. No need to upload spreadsheets to the system. Prices will be ready and waiting for you to use for your trade-in deals whenever you need them.

Effortless Data Integration

Versatile Formulas

Having access to accurate data is just one part of the puzzle. Setup pricing profiles to automatically adjust prices based on condition, buy-lists, and more.

Grindless allows you to setup advanced formulas to control exactly how prices are generated.

Buy List Support

Buy Lists allow you to make a list of desirable cards or games that your store has a high demand for. When a card is placed on a Buy List, you can configure extra pricing and inventory rules that will affect how the system generates offers to customers, allowing you to bulk up on cards you need or limit the amount of duplicates on hand.

Pricing Categories​

Grindless integrates PriceCharting's data for these categories:

Pricing Info Coming Soon

Intuitive Software

Spend less time finding cards and more time focusing on your customers. Performing a trade-in is as easy as…

Find The Customer

Lookup customers from your database with search results displayed as you type.

Hint: click the image for a larger view

Lookup The Item

Search by name or barcode (UPC), filter by platform/set and even see how many are currently in stock.

Fine Tuning

See an overview of how much your store stands to make from this deal and optionally alter prices as needed.

Wrap Up

Print a quote for the customer for later, or complete the trade-in. Store credit is deposited automatically.

Compliance Features

Trade-In shops often need to adhere to extra regulations not found in other retail businesses.
Grindless has features built specifically to support this need.

ID Enforcement

Save the customer’s driver’s license/ID along with their trade-in for easy lookup later.

Barcode Scanning

Save time by scanning the customer’s ID card instead of typing it in by hand.

Age Restrictions

Enable age restrictions to prevent minors from trading items in to your store.

Software To Manage Your Entire Store

Take control of your business like never before. Automate Branding, Operations, Inventory, and Promotions all with the click of a button.

No Contract • No Hidden Fees • No Expensive Equipment

All The Essentials, and So Much More

Powerful Sales Reporting

See sales by category, by product, employee performance metrics, and more.

Convenient Installation

We'll handle the setup process for you and ensure everything is working properly.

Cloud Based System

Your data is always saved to the cloud and can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Integrated Card Processing

Compatible with multiple merchant service providers and a variety of devices.

Bring Your Own Hardware

Save money by using your own hardware including printers, cash drawers, and scanners

Online Shopping Cart

Sell your products online with our integrated mobile-friendly online shopping cart.

Staff Scheduling & Calendar

Plan your staff's schedule, keep track of clock-in and clock-outs, and run payroll reports.

Employee Checklists

Create routine checklists, assign tasks to employees, and verify completion.

Why Join Grindless?

A Holistic Approach

We focus on a holistic approach to provide clients with optimal results. Whether it be consultation, point of sale, branding and trade dress, operational development, franchising, or overall business development, we are your all-encompassing solution.

Powerful Software

Our POS is assistant-grade, which means it helps you run your business more efficiently while minimizing operational oversight. During your onboarding process (and upon request), we will target key areas that can be automated or streamlined using our technology. We will then work with you to form actionable suggestions to achieve your goals.

Assistance When You Need It

In those busy moments when you have a line of customers going out the door, you don’t have time to wait. That’s why we’re available via phone for emergencies. Our knowledgeable team can answer your questions and even remotely connect to your screen to help guide you through the problem.

More Than Just Software

Our team is dedicated to helping you live a better more simplified professional life. We offer a range of business-focused services to help streamline and refine your day-to-day operations.


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Consolidate And Save

Ditch your unnecessary monthly bills while gaining a simpler process for you and your staff! Our system offers many features that you can usually only get by signing up for multiple different services.

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Trade-In Profiles

Trade-In Profiles can be configured to match certain types of cards/games to determine their offer value. Aside from value, profiles also determine how incoming products from completed trade-ins are organized in the system.

Managers can go into the settings area of the Point of Sale app and adjust a range of options, including:

  • What kind of items the profile should be applied towards.
  • Enable/disable accepting items for certain conditions. For example, you could prevent trade-ins from items that are “heavily played” or “damaged”.
  • How value/prices are calculated, including:
    • Resale Price: boost or reduce an item’s price that it would sell for in your store. For example, reduce prices by 10% to be competitive against your competitors.
    • Online Price: How much the item sells for online, either through Grindless’ QuickShop app or through 3rd party platforms (such as Shopify).
    • Cash Offer: When giving a customer cash for an item in this profile, how much should they get? For example, you could give people “30% retail value in cash”.
    • Store Credit Offer: Similar to “Cash Offer” above, but for store credit. This allows you to offer more if customers choose to receive their payout as store credit instead of cash.
  • Names of conditions.
  • How products are organized after they have been received from a customer. Define if they should be automatically placed into a sub-category (based on the item’s genre or set) and how new products should be named.
  • Whether incoming items should be listed on the Price Tags screen, so that staff know to print price tags for this item.

This topic is quite dense and there are many potential questions one could ask regarding how this area of the system works exactly. The info above is meant to give a brief description of  If you need more information

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