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Our team is extremely knowledgeable in the franchise world. Our staff collectively has 50 years of experience building franchises and being a nationwide franchisor. We have a variety of operational, legal, accounting, construction, leasing, and expansion expertise. We have the experience to provide advice, guidance, and support to guide you along your journey.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been around for years, we can offer guidance to show you how to take your business to the next level. Leverage our experience and knowledge to start a franchise or improve your existing franchise.

Universal Guidance, No Matter The Industry

The franchising world can be complicated and time consuming. Not only do you have to maintain a brand, but you must also develop and support franchisees. Many franchisees are commonly first-time business owners. Your operations must incorporate growth, development, and “safety nets”. The franchisor is a coach, sheriff, and creator. It is imperative that you allocate the correct amount of time and focus into each facet of your responsibilities as a franchisor.

Grindless will help streamline your operational needs, improve workflow, and help overcome obstacles that are limiting movement or growth.

Operational Efficiency

As your company grows and expands into new territories, there is often a need to re-evaluate your operational routines and make fast decisions about what is worth your time and what isn’t.

We can provide a new perspective in order to increase your efficiency and streamline time-intensive tasks.

We can help design and institute a fluid system that:

  • Decreases effort
  • Minimizes employee payroll
  • Automates actions
  • Tracks and records performance
  • Monitors and enforces policy

Revenue Cultivation

As a franchisor/licensor you need to understand exactly how to earn revenue within the parameters permitted by franchise law. There are multiple ways to earn revenue, but some options can cause future headaches, even if within the boundaries of the law.

We can help guide you to ensure revenue streams are maximized and congruent with your goals of the future. Many organizations also make mistakes in missing opportunities to earn revenue by not understanding all aspects of franchising properly.

We can help ensure:

  • FDD/FA is aligned for short & long-term goals
  • All revenue streams are mapped out
  • Franchise and operational fees are adequate

A Message From Our CEO

Franchising or licensing your brand can be one of the most exciting adventures you could ever enjoy in your professional life. This process takes careful planning, execution, and foresight into the future. You will wear multiple hats and find yourself trying to navigate a competitive environment of an entirely new type; the franchise world. If you are new to franchising or are already established, you must understand that you are no longer simply growing a business. Prior to franchising, you are trying to grow within your unique industry as well as expand in the area you are based in.  In the franchising world, you are now competing with other established franchisors to earn the privilege of acquiring potential franchisees or licensees who choose your brand to invest their money into. You need to understand that franchising or licensing is far more than simply saying, “you can use my system or look”. Once you become a franchisor, you are effectively becoming a parent. This can be rewarding but also challenging in its own unique way compared to the life you lived before. You will now be responsible for other humans. You will need to ensure their safety, teach and train them, make hard decisions, ensure the protection of the overall family, develop and maintain forward motion, and enforce rules and values. All of these things must be accomplished while also developing your own corporate team and managing your corporate locations if you have them. The faster and more successful you are, the faster and more successful your decisions must be. Decisions have larger and more impactful outcomes. Plus, the larger you become the longer it takes for decisions to become actionable. While you are trying to navigate the industry you will also experience changes in policy that your organization did not decide, such as state mandates or national initiatives. You must be agile and have a system that promotes that very need.

As you grow it is imperative you think towards the future and ensure a smooth operation. This is where Grindless can aid. Our experience and support is unmatched. We have direct experience not only aiding franchises, but actually growing them nationally with direct ownership as a franchisor. My team and I developed a franchise with 48 brick-and-motor locations throughout the US with 139 signed franchised locations in various stages prior to merging it into a publicly-traded company in 2019.  In addition to our experience with franchise development, we have also developed and maintained the Grindless POS softare since 2009. This unique software was specifically developed for a company which operates as a franchise. Our CTO, Garr Godfrey (founder of GameHouse, which was sold in 2004 to RealNetworks, a publicly traded company), has been instrumental in the design and implementation of the Grindless Software Suite. His visionary expertise reveals itself in the extensive capabilities of the system.

The beauty of a good business relationship is the mutual benefit each shares in success. No one is as vested as we are in your success. The smoother your operations, the faster you grow. The more you grow, the greater our relationship will be. We want you to grow and continue to use our services to achieve success for yourself and for your franchisees/licensees.

I look forward to someday being invited to aid in achieving your professional goals.

Duncan Wood, CEO

Questions I'm Commonly Asked

Absolutely. It is the fastest way to grow across a large area, ensuring brand recognition and revenue development. It helps minimize competitors as well, as most people open a businesses in order to capitalize on a particular industry. If they have an option to join into an already established organization instead of having to develop everything from the ground up, they tend to choose that instead.

The relationships built and the energy surrounding you. Having motivated franchisees that have different perspectives and a mountain of excitement helps catapult your organization. Listening to different perspectives, supporting beta-test experiments, and having additional people vested into your dream changes your world.

Being able to institute new movements in new directions. Pivoting is vital in business, and the ability to create motion effectively can spell the difference between failure and success. I would say that most franchises make the mistake of failing to recognize fluidity. You must be able to think of an idea or correction and enact movement instantly. The more projects you are bogged down with, the less time you have for stretch goals or growth endeavors. Something as simple as a policy or routine change, something so small, could take weeks or even months potentially to fully check off the to-do list. This is valuable time wasted, but more importantly, it diminishes clarity for everybody. Completion of tasks, even if they are small, completes the circle and motivates all. It helps keep the energy high and also creates action, which in turn stimulates other areas of the business. When you create something, ask yourself if you can change it easily later and how you would do that. Then ask yourself how many tools you need to change all of the things you might want to change. As much as you can, try and minimize the quantity of tools and people required to achieve rapid movement and competion.

  1. Operations. You must have a platform that promotes growth, flexibility, and control. This is why since 2009, our team has developed the Grindless POS. There is nothing in the market that truly aids in the growth and development of business the way our software does. Though we offer the software to a variety of businesses, it was designed for a franchise, so that is where it truly shines the brightest. Additionally, our software helps with expansion, allowing you to fully design how your franchised location should operate, and then replicate that same structure as you open new locations. The software will then help ensure the business is being run properly by monitoring, reminding, and pushing the goals you have set. You can then modify your operations in any quantity of stores all at once.
  2. Training. Do not underestimate this subject. There is far more than just teaching someone, it goes beyond that. There is the time it takes, the frequency in which it must occur, and the cost of doing so. Develop a smooth, digestible, and repeatable process. Ideally this also has some automation.
  3. Communication. You must able to express needs, goals, and information. You need a clean platform to achieve this, but this includes 3 branches; Franchisees, Store Staff, and Customers. You need the ability to communicate with each of them effectively.

Powerful Management Software

Our proprietary software is designed to facilitate the management and growth of the franchise. Not only does the software help grow revenue, but also allows the franchisor to maintain control over the organization with ease.

  • Monitor and Enhance Store Sales Performance
  • Monitor and Control Trade-Dress
  • Create Operational Standards, Which You Can Monitor And Modify


For more information, see our Multi-Store page.

Not Looking To Become a Franchisor/Licensor?

If you have more than one store and are not interested in stepping into the world of franchising, then visit our Multi-Store page to learn how our software can help simplify your operations.

Franchisor/Licensor Services

General Consultation

Do you need some advice or to bounce around some ideas? We are here for you.

Lead Generation

The process in which prospective franchisees discover your franchise. We address the three main subjects: Source, Quantity, and Quality.

Lead Conversion

We will review, alter, or design an effective sales process to filter and ensure the highest quantity of quality applicant conversions.

Franchisor Revenue

Create multiple streams of revenue to ensure growth and security. Signing fees, royalty fees, and additional revenue streams earned.

FDD/FA Development

Ensure you have the correct Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement that is tailored for now and future possibilities.

Franchisor/Franchisee Relations

Ensure you have the correct documentation, trackability, and processes in place. How you handle growth, interactions, and support are vital for the immediate and future.

Onboarding Process

Taking you from point of a new Franchisee signing the FDD to the grand opening of their location.

Trade Dress

Developing the ideal look and feel of your core brand and how that applies to each location.

Supply Chain

Introductions and creations of ideal vendors to supply the franchise with goods and services.

Operations Manual

Role specific, online, and always up to date. Ensure everyone has the correct information when needed.

Training Development

Customized courses and classes specific to your franchise which allow for greater growth and fewer mistakes. Track success and failure for record keeping.

Integrated Software

Advanced software to manage, develop, and push your franchise to new heights while minimizing overhead and allocation of time. Decrease costs, maximize revenue for both franchisee and franchisor.

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