Operations Manual Development

Create a versatile educational platform for your company

Always Up-To-Date

You'll never have to worry about making sure your staff have the most recent copy of your manual since the only version will be the one that is online and available anywhere.

Operations & Development

Handles the operational manual as well as development for any position in your organization. Included in the software are tools for quizzing, testing, and certifications.

Custom Tailored

We will work with you to implement tools and learning activities that suit your specific needs. Your platform will also be styled and branded according to your specifications.

Design & Development Packages

Content Shaping

Base Package
$ 149 Monthly
  • We will work alongside you to define your policies and refine them into a professional operations manual with enhancements and branding

Guided Development

Enhanced Package
$ 299 Monthly
  • We will help identify missing policies, guide content creation, develop staff testing, and support implimentation of new procedures into your operations

No Long-Term Commitments

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FeaturesContent Shaping
Base Package
Guided Development
Enhanced Package
Content Time Allotment
How much time will be allotted to refining and developing the content in your platform each billing cycle.
2 HoursPer Month2 HoursPer Month
Initial Strategy Consultation
Our team will meet with you to create a development plan and project timeline that best suits your unique needs.
Proofreading & Editing
Grammatical and spelling corrections applied where needed as well as improving the quality of content phrasing and delivery.
Content Formatting
Ensure any formatting tools are properly used throughout your content. This includes adjustments to headers, item lists, alignment, and any other relevant formatting types.
Image Insertion
Stock images will be selected and inserted into your content to help emphasize key points throughout your pages.
Branding and Theming
Customization of your online platform according to your company's specific branding and style guidelines.
Training Site Hosting
At your option, we will provide hosting services utilizing our own servers to make your platform accessible over the internet.
Animated Videos Discount
10% discount applied towards production of animated videos.
Additional Content Time Discount
Extra development time is devoted to your project (beyond the standard amount) at a discounted rate of 15%.
Testing and Role Certifications
Quizzes, tests, and certification programs will be developed for each topic to ensure maximum retention by your users.
Consultation and Strategy Meetings
A specialist will conduct a review of work that has been completed and prioritize what business policies need to be defined or created.

Ready to Begin?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You are free to use our service for as long or as little as you like. Our goal is to earn your business each and every month.

Our goal is to be your personal editing team. We will take the content you create and expand upon it, proofread it, and augment it with images and formatting tools. We will work alongside you to develop and furnish your training pages with rich content, using content you provide as the basis for our process.

You can send your content anytime you would like, as often as you would like. It will be placed in your queue and developed during your time allotment.

We will alert you via email when there are topics awaiting for your approval. We will also tag content in your platform that needs your review so that is easily identifiable at-a-glance.

The time it takes to produce a working operations manual depends greatly on your individual business needs. To have a basic functioning operations/training manual, the speed can be fairly quick. Enhancements and further development beyond your essential core content may take place over a longer period of time, depending on your adjusted goals.

Maximize Results With Training Videos

We will create effective training media to enhance your platform

Custom Training Videos

Starting at $195

Get high-quality animated videos produced for your training platform utilizing your content and branding. Go beyond static images or text and keep your employees engaged as they learn important concepts about your business. These videos are produced by our team using your guidance and direction and will be uploaded into your online platform for your users to watch.

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