Grindless Remote Assistance

Grindless uses the remote support tool “Zoho Assist” for gaining remote access to computers during installation and troubleshooting with Grindless clients.


One-Time Assistance

Use this option for quick one-time support sessions. Click the button below and enter your session ID on the page that pops up. Your Grindless Support Technician will provide you with the session ID. Enter the code and click “Connect”. You will then be asked for your name.

Join One-Time Remote Support Session


Ongoing Assistance

If you are a client of ours and would like to avoid downloading the Zoho Assist app each time you need help, you can instead download the “Customer Plugin” from Zoho. This installs a small app onto your PC. This method does NOT allow us to access your PC without your consent and still requires a unique session ID each time we connect.

Click Here To Download

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