Grindless Remote Assistance

Grindless uses the remote support tool “Zoho Assist” for gaining remote access to computers during installation and troubleshooting with Grindless clients. Choose one of the options below, then your Grindless Support Technician will provide you with the session ID.

One-Time Support Session

Use this option for a quick one-time support sessions. This will give you an app to download that will allow us to connect to your PC. This option does not install anything to your PC.

One-Time Support Session

Ongoing Support

Use this option if you would like to make it easier for us to connect your PC in the future. This installs a small program onto your PC so that you can avoid downloading the app every time you need assistance.

Ongoing Support

Note: neither option allows us to connect to your PC without your consent. Each time we connect, we will provide you with a unique code that is only valid for that one session. The two options above simply determine if you want to keep the remote assistance app on your PC indefinitely.

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