Recommended Compatible Hardware

This page contains a list of hardware that is known to be compatible with the Grindless POS system. There are more devices that are compatible with our POS system than what is listed below, but these specific devices have been tested to be compatible with our system.

Links to buy products are provided where possible. You are also welcome to shop around for the best prices on any hardware listed (double-check the model numbers when doing so). It is strongly recommended to coordinate with a Grindless On-boarding Specialist on our team before making purchases to ensure that your purchases are accurate and essential. If you already have hardware present on-site and you would like us to look into whether or not it is compatible with our POS, please let your representative know during the sign-up process.


Recommended Hardware


In order to use hardware (like cash drawers/printers/scanners), the Grindless POS must be installed and used from a Windows-based computer. Grindless LLC does not sell or supply computers directly, so you may use existing computers at your store(s) or purchase computers from a local or online supplier.

  • Storage: 250MB for application, >10GB spare disk space
    • Using a solid-state disk (SSD) is highly recommended, but not required.
  • CPU: Intel G4600 3.6ghz 2 core, 4 threads or higher. Or Intel i3 equivalent or higher.
  • Memory: 4GB minimum, 8GB recommended
  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit) or newer
  • Display: HD resolution recommended for best experience (1080p or higher)
  • Ports: We recommend using a PC that allows important devices (i.e. a receipt printer) to be connected directly to the PC via its USB ports. Using USB hubs/splitters can lead to unexpected complications, especially with laptop/tablet computers.
  • Internet: 10mbps or higher
    • The Grindless POS is a web-based application and makes frequent requests over the internet to our server. If your internet connection is slow or unstable, your experience using the application may be degraded.
    • If using WiFi, ensure that you have a reasonably fast and stable wireless connection. If your PC is located a far distance from your WiFi access point, consider running an ethernet cable to your PC instead.

The Grindless POS application is not very demanding on computers. In general, if the computer can perform common “office” related tasks like checking emails and browsing the web, then it will likely be suitable to use with the Grindless POS.


Receipt Printer

Product: Citizen CT-S310II Thermal Printer
Optional inexpensive receipt paper: Gorilla Supply Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls 3 1/8 x 230 10 Rolls

Driver Download Page: Driver & Tools – Citizen Systems

Download these files from the page above:

Important: “Enable bidrectional support” should be unchecked in the printer’s port settings in Windows (restart the PC + printer after changing).


Cash Drawer

Product: AGP VB320-BL1616 Standard-Duty Cash Drawer, Vasario Series
Cash Drawer Cable: APG CD-101A Printer Cable

A sturdy metal cash drawer that opens automatically when the POS pops the drawer out after a sale. The cash drawer connects through the receipt printer. You will very likely need to purchase a special cable (linked above) in order to connect your cash drawer to your printer.


Barcode Scanner

Many barcode scanners will work with our POS by default, however, additional functionality is enabled if you have a scanner that supports both 2D barcodes and a feature called “SNAPI“. We recommend using Zebra-brand scanners for the best experience.

Wireless: Zebra DS2278 Cordless Barcode Scanner / Alternate Purchase Link (Newegg) / User Manual
Wired: Zebra DS9208 Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner
Wired: Motorola DS4208 Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner
Wired: Symbol LS2208 Handheld 1D Barcode Scanner (note: does not scan QR codes or drivers licenses)

Driver download page: Scanner SDK for Windows – Zebra

Download these files from the page above:

After installing the device drivers (and rebooting your PC), your scanner will need to be configured in order to have certain features enabled. There are two methods to configure your scanner(s):

  1. Configuration barcodes. Click here to view these barcodes from your web browser and begin scanning them.
  2. Zebra’s 123Scan Utility for Windows.

Note: if using a wireless scanner and connecting with bluetooth (instead of the USB charging cradle/receiver), you will need to enable bluetooth pairing mode on your scanner and then connect to the device from Windows’ device settings menu. Instructions are available in the device’s manual. We can also help you with this step.


Label Printer

Print product price tags, including barcodes, on adhesive stickers. Also print custom stickers for labeling things around your store and re-use sticker designs across your stores.

The Grindless POS has support for label printers that use Windows’ printing service. This means that so long as Windows can print to your label printer, there is a high likelihood that Grindless can as well. The POS has a built-in label editor that allows you to create templates for product price tags and other kinds of labels.

The POS also has direct support for DYMO’s WebService utility, which allows the POS to print labels to DYMO brand printers without relying on Windows’ print service.

Product: DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer
Optional: Inexpensive 3rd party labels (2 ¼” x 1 ¼”): HL-30334 6 Rolls; 1,000 Labels per Roll; DYMO-Compatible

Note: DYMO LabelWriter 550 model printers only work with genuine DYMO brand labels. These newer models have sensors in them which can detect if the labels you’re using were not made by Dymo. This means you cannot buy cheaper 3rd-party labels and will have to instead buy label rolls that are made by Dymo and are made for the 550 model specifically.

Troubleshooting Tip: In order for Grindless to send print jobs to Dymo printers, the WebService app must not be in Admin mode. If you’re running the WebService app with admin privileges in Windows, then this won’t work. Normally, after installing Dymo’s software, you will need to reboot your PC. After that, the WebService app (shown in your system tray, next to the clock) should be running in “User” mode, which is good. If you hover your mouse over the app icon, it should tell you which mode it’s running in. If it says “Admin”, then you should perform the following steps:

  1. From an Administrator account in Windows, open your Windows Search and type in “Manage Computer Certificates”.
  2. Expand Personal, click on Certificates.
  3. Right-click on Localhost ( Make sure it’s the one issued by DYMO Root CA), All Tasks, and choose to Manage Private Keys.
  4. Click on ‘Add’, to add other user names or groups to access DYMO Connect Web Service.
  5. Click Apply, then Ok.
  6. Restart your computer and log in to the User account.


Customer Display

A small screen that is visible to the customer during checkout which provides information, such as the total balance due for the current order being transacted.

Supported device: HP LD220 USB. Download the Driver (must be version and OPOS software packages. After installation, the settings panel in the Grindless POS application should use “opos:HP POS Pole Display” for the “Line Display LDN” option.
More devices may be compatible (contact us for details).


Apple iPad

The Grindless POS can be run from Apple iPad devices instead of traditional Windows-based computers. We have an app available for iOS which can be downloaded to each iPad you will be using at each iPad-equipped POS station. Your iPad tablet(s) must be running iOS version 13 or higher. Older iPads may not be capable of running iOS version 13.

Download the Grindless POS app here: Grindless Client – Apple App Store

You can use many of the hardware devices listed above in the “Recommended Hardware” section with iPads, so long as you use the printer listed below.

The only supported Customer Display device is the Star Micronics SCD222U. The HP brand Customer Display above is not compatible with iPads.

iPads are particularly sensitive about which devices they will work with, so we recommend consulting with a Grindless team member prior to purchasing any equipment.


Desktop vs. Mobile Access

The Grindless POS can be accessed from virtually any modern web browser, such as Google Chrome,

The Grindless POS is a web-based system, meaning you can access it from virtually any device that can browse websites. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and most modern smartphones. If possible, we recommend using the system from a Windows-based PC for the best possible user experience. The POS is usable from mobile devices, however, certain features may be limited and are only possible through a desktop computer from within our Desktop POS app.

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