Recommended Compatible Hardware

This page contains a list of hardware that is known to be compatible with the Grindless POS system. It is strongly recommended to coordinate with a Grindless On-boarding Specialist on our team before making purchases to ensure that your purchases are accurate and essential. There are more devices than what is listed below that are compatible with our POS system, though these specific devices have been tested to be compatible with our system.

Already have hardware?
If you already have hardware present on-site and you would like us to look into whether or not it is compatible with our POS, please let your representative know during the sign-up process.


Recommended Hardware

Here are the core items we recommend using with our POS system for the best and most efficient experience. Links to buy products online are provided where possible. You are also welcome to shop around for the best prices on any hardware listed (double-check the model numbers when doing so).


Apple iPad Hardware

The Grindless POS can be run from Apple iPad devices instead of traditional Windows-based computers. We have an app available for iOS which can be downloaded to each iPad you will be using at each iPad-equipped POS station. Your iPad tablet(s) must be running iOS version 13 or higher. Older iPads may not be capable of running iOS version 13.

You can use many of the hardware devices listed above in the “Recommended Hardware” section with iPads, so long as you use the printer listed below.


Desktop vs. Mobile Access

The Grindless POS can be accessed from virtually any modern web browser, such as Google Chrome,

The Grindless POS is a web-based system, meaning you can access it from virtually any device that can browse websites. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and most modern smartphones. If possible, we recommend using the system from a Windows-based PC for the best possible user experience. The POS is usable from mobile devices, however, certain features may be limited and are only possible through a desktop computer from within our Desktop POS app.



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