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Your current POS doesn’t help you in the way you actually need, it is similar to an advanced notebook and pen. It logs transactions, tracks inventory, provides totals (just like adding up everything you wrote down in the notebook), and a few other basic functions. This is antiquated, it wastes time and limits revenue opportunities. For lack of a better term, it simply keeps you above water with basic information.

Software should, besides running transactions and tracking inventory, help you grow your business by creating new revenue opportunities, freeing up your time, and managing your business. It should also help grow your customer base and maximize the revenue earned. No POS on the market does this, save but Grindless.

Highlighted Features

A Few Aspects Showing how Our POS Helps Your Martial arts Studio

Custom & Unique Memberships

  • Automatically bill customers, or take cash payments for membership fees.
  • Define special discounts available to your members towards merchandise or services.
  • Present agreements/waivers that members must read and agree to prior to signing up.
  • See reports to identify unpaid memberships in order to salvage those clients.

Events and Class Management

  • Setup entry fees for events, including different prices for pre-register/day-of.
  • Staff shifts are integrated into the events schedule in order to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensuring proper coverage.
  • Events can also be populated on your website from our API, allowing for instant updates and a calendar to showcase upcoming items including information and pricing.

Birthday Parties

  • Define preset party package at different price points and create add-ons.
  • Setup a required deposit payment that must be paid in order to book the party.
  • Easily schedule parties and avoid accidentally double-booking.
  • Once a party gets booked it immediately shows up in your events calendar for employees and also reminds them about the party days ahead of time.
  • Receive online bookings from your website through our system’s Parties API.

Masterful Employee Management

  • Create checklists, such as OPENING and CLOSING procedures, and monitor them until they’re completed.
  • Issue tasks to an individual, a group, or all staff.
  • Set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • The system will notify and remind staff when they have an assignment or checklist task due! Let our software handle the annoying things for you.
  • Complex staff scheduling, payroll period management, & performance reports for staff

Marketing to Customers

  • Our software can push graphics onto digital displays (like TVs)
    wirelessly in your location showing things such as pricing menus behind
    the counter, limited time deals, events, and more (pictured below).
  • Your events and custom promotions/offers are printed at the bottom of every receipt.
  • Send text messages to your customers to alert them about new events or deals.

Key Features

Powerful and Versatile

Online Shop

Allow your customers to browse your store's inventory and check-out online. Orders appear in the system and can be shipped or picked up in-store.

Loyalty Rewards

Give your customers reward points for spending money at your store. Customers can later redeem points for products or special perks.

Graphics TV

Upload images (like pricing menus or advertisements) and have them appear automatically on digital displays around your store.

Gift Cards

Sell your own Gift Cards that customers can buy and reload. We can also help you produce custom branded Gift Cards too!

Granular User Permissions

Setup your own roles and define what each employee can and can't do in the system.

Warehouse Distribution

Fulfill orders for merchandise and supplies to your other locations.

Time-Based Services

Sell your customers blocks of time to use, then allow them to "check-in" to use that time.

Inventory Control

Keep track of how much inventory you have, what's on-order, and make counting routines easy.

Task Checklists

Give your staff members recurring tasks that have to completed each day, week, or month and monitor completion.

Recurring Memberships

Create memberships that automatically bill a customer's card on file and create unique perks and discounts for your members

Shift Planner

Create your work schedule and send it to each employee's phone & email. Run staffing reports for payroll.

Events & Reservations

Schedule events,create admission tickets, track attendance, and more. Great for businesses that offer birthday parties.

Powered by Amazon Web Services

Our software is hosted on Amazon's AWS cloud-based services, which means you can rest assured that the system will run smoothly and reliably with minimal downtime.

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